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New Employees Join Zisun Technology2017.04.06

In April 6, 2017, a group of new employees were successfully allocated with their mentors in Zisun. Zisun has always attached great importance to the training and cultivation of new staff, and to have young staff mentored by experienced older employees has been a long-standing good tradition. Also, the management has given strong support. 

This activity aims to help the new staff to get accustomed to this environment better and lay a solid foundation to future career. Only by this, can they bring about more of their potentials as well as value in Zisun. 

The apprenticeship for each new employee will last for about 2 months, and during this period they are going to familiarize themselves with company structure and their position duties. Meanwhile, their mentors will try their best to help the new with their experience and knowledge respectively. 

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